C'mon Monkey, let's make a movie!
"C'mon Monkey, Let's Make a Movie!"
Welcome to Monkey Kingdom Productions

Monkey Kingdom Productions is Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt. Created in 2004 as part of a pact to bring life to independent filmmaking, Monkey Kingdom Productions nods its head to Songoku, the Monkey King from Eastern mythology - a wily spirit with his own unique way of getting things done.

Monkey Kingdom Productions is dedicated to creating thought-provoking and boundary-breaking, quality productions that never pander to the lowest common denominator. We will forge ahead into innovative and exciting filmmaking territory. We promise to bring you intelligent and uncompromising films. We play outside of the box. We are Monkey Kingdom Productions.

We monkeys also believe that perseverance and determination added to passion and dedication equals success. But the most important thing in achieving your goals is to never waiver from your dreams and never take yourself too seriously. C'mon monkey, let's make a movie!

THANKS SO MUCH to all our friends, fans and fiends, for helping us celebrate our 10th anniversary of MKP this summer! Here's to another 10!
Check out our new amazing action logo, designed by Jason Milligan, Jake Akuna and orchestrated by Elliot Herman:

We are in pre-production stages on several of Monkey Kingdom Productions' feature film scripts and web-series. And we have two completed films, as well as a third in post:

  • Our web-series Shelf Life, is out on a two DVD set now, seasons 1-3 on DVD and season 4 with bonus material.
  • Our Horror Thriller Feature, Tumbling After is available now on iTunes. OR ORDER your DVD now. To learn more, visit the 'Films' page, or check it out on the IMDB. Watch the TRAILER, now on YouTube.
  • Our short films, Lovely, Out of Time, and Topsy McGee vs. The Sky Pirates are in various stages of completion, sceening at film festivals and making the rounds. Check them out on IMDB.
  • Our mocku-docu Con Artists, was an official selection of Mockfest 2014, and is currently represented by a sales agent: Circus Road Films. Visit the IMDB to learn more.

We are also currently working in conjunction with casting and production of several voice-over projects. We also run Monkey Kingdom Productions Studios. For more information please check out the MKP Studios/Casting page.

So stop by often to learn the latest and see what's happening. Thank you for your support.

Oh yeah, and join in the monkey madness:
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